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Website maintenance is offered as a free service (included in the site development plans.) We rarely agree to maintain web sites that are not made by us. The reason is that maintenance is a responsible task and the responsibility is borne by the site maintainer. After the website development is completed our policy is to offer favorable conditions for hosting on our own server – VPS website hosting , over which we have complete control and are undergoing 24/7 monitoring. Thus, we can guarantee and ensure the quality of the support, because third parties do not remove and edit the site code in mysterious ways, which are then difficult to track and eventually fix. In the case of SEO it is recommended for the website to be hosted on our servers for the same reason.

What’s included in the website support?

  • Adequate response within 24h. (In Skype, Telegram, on and in our customer management software.)
  • Opportunity for consultation up to 2 hours per month
  • Periodic updates in the website code
  • Periodic updates of all the server side technologies
  • Periodic updates of the PHP version and rewriting of deprecated functions
  • Troubleshooting unforeseen technical errors occurred after project work is completed
  • Protection against DDOS attacks, XSS, bruteforce and other hacking events
  • Periodic updating of the databases
  • Cleaning up crowded garbage collectors

* All of the measures described above are taken in due time at the discretion of the developer. We are not kidding when we talk about security and our customers! We really do our job.

Does website support mean the customer doesn’t have to maintain his site?

At this point, website support doesn’t involve writing and adding unique content to your site created by our team. We are offering such services separately. A good ranking of your web site requires that its owner takes the necessary care.

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