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It is very interesting that nowadays everywhere it is necessary to use a website instead of a website design or website design. The reason for this is that most who offer the service making websites do not have any design skills. Thus, the only thing they can offer their customers is to assemble a website with already ready-made free or paid solutions.

Get Site Ltd. offers the making of a site with both ready-made solutions and the creation of a website from scratch with its own unique web design, made personally by us, and the development of customized tools. It’s up to your choice whether we use a ready-made solution or build on open source tools. We can assure you that in both cases we guarantee individual approach and professionalism.

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Website development by Get Site Ltd.

High-level web design

Website Development and Web Design by Get Site

What do customers say about us?

Web design has long been not just the visual layout of the website. In a modern world oversaturated by possibilities with “material web design”, modern web design and classic clean web design, everyone has their own preferences for view. Our own site is made in combination with all these techniques and it was a challenge to put them together in one place without quarreling. Today the beautiful view is insufficient, people are looking for a responsive website design that is equally responsive to phones and tablets.

You can count on bringing your ideas to life through professional development of web design that is flexible on all devices. We delight our clients with more than eight years of experience in the field of web design and take the breath of visitors to their sites with ease. The high level of work implies not only a beautiful website design, but also one – with code written, following good practices for making sites. For you, too, we will design a fast and beautiful website of the future.

We do not just offer site development. We make sites that solve problems!

Opening your own website on the Internet became an invariably a condition for a successful business. We from Get Site not just make sites, but make sites that solve specific problems. What is different about our approach to creating a site? First, we know what the customer wants. We are researching his business in detail to find out what are the most appropriate options to offer. The purpose of the website is not just to exist and present your activity, but to work for you. Like any other software and website is software that solves the problems of spilled people. If you sell clothes and shoes, you will need your own online store, for example, which offers one type of functionality if you are engaged in advertising and video capture from a portfolio site, if you are a school or kindergarten of a third. Maybe you’re selling books or property? You may be looking for a professional business site with a clean business view or a site with a system that makes calculations. We know what you need and we will offer the best solution.

Website design that solves problems

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Site loading speed

We are the only company in Bulgaria that guarantees lightning speed of loading of our manufactured sites. The loading speed depends on the quality of the website code. If, when you make a website, you don’t carefully select developers who are professionals, you doom your site to slow loading. Why is the speed of loading a website so important? Because statistics show that:

  • Charging time of 1-3 seconds increases the likelihood of leaving the site by 32%
  • Charging time from 1 to 5 seconds increases the likelihood of leaving the site by 90%
  • Charging time of 1-6 seconds increases the likelihood of leaving the site by 106%
  • Charging time of 1-10 seconds increases the likelihood of leaving the site by 123%

The source of the information is the“Think with Google”site, according to Google itself. You can read more about the likelihood of leaving the site, which is also called bounce rate or bounce rate.

Our websites are of high quality code and this allows for easy optimization of a site at a later stage. It is important to note that the well-written code does not replace SEO, it simply significantly contributes to the ranking of the site, because it is one of the requirements of Google.

Fast loading websites

Web Design by Get Site

Prices for website development

It is interesting that the last question I get after a private conversation with a client is precisely: “What is the cost of making a website?”. On the Internet, however, people are looking for “website price development”. The easiest and correct answer would be “The price is what you are willing to pay.” Let that not sound strange to you. The cost of making a site depends on the wishes and claims of the client and his vision for the complexity of web design. We can give an exact price to any customer who knows exactly what they want and ask us a specific request. To guide you, though, you can check out our current price list. Also look at our price plans with the possibility of deferred payment. Promotional prices from deferred payment packages apply upon conclusion of a contract for 24 months


Base Site Work
per month

  • Website design by template
  • Mobile site only
  • up to 10 pages
  • Easy control system
  • SEO site optimization
  • A-B rating in GT Metrix
  • Very fast CDN network
  • Support – answer by 24h.
  • 2GB Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Standard contact form
  • Chat with customers in real time
  • Own   email
  • Additional bonuses 🙁
  • Restore from backup
  • GDPR compatibility

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*Prices are not incl. Vat. An initial fee of 850 BGN is payable.

Standard Site

Standard Site Work
per month

  • Website design by template
  • Mobile and tablet version
  • up to 20 pages
  • Easy control system
  • ON PAGE SEO (up to 3 main pages)
  • High score in GT Metrix
  • Very fast CDN network
  • Support – answer by 24h.
  • 5GB SSD VPS Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Contact form with extras
  • Own live chat module
  • Own   e-mail (excluding POP/IMAP)
  • Additional bonuses are possible
  • 29 BGN for recovery
  • GDPR compatibility

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*Prices are not incl. Vat. An initial fee of 950 BGN is payable.

Excellent choice

With all the extras included
per month

  • Unique website design
  • Mobile and tablet version
  • Unlimited pages
  • Easy control system
  • SEO optimization (for one year)
  • A-B rating in GT Metrix
  • Lightning-fast CDN network
  • Support (from 12h to 12h + Saturday)
  • 10GB SSD VPS Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Specific contact form
  • Own live chat module
  • Company email (10gb private server)
  • Guaranteed surprise bonuses. 🙂
  • Backup every month
  • GDPR compatibility

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*Prices are not incl. Vat. An initial fee of 1250 BGN is payable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free training to work with the site

Each of our clients undergoes free training to work with the management system on their new website. The training continues within an hour and a half, and the client can then visit our base of work lessons and remind themselves how certain activities are carried out. Our websites are extremely intuitive and easy to manage. Anyone with basic knowledge of working with Word will handle ease.

Development of a website by a company. What are the advantages?

Often people do not have the time to embark on a thorough study of how to make their own site and for this purpose they are looking for a company to design it for them. The main plus of this is that if the company is reliable, you will be able to concentrate on improving your business. The web developer company will concentrate entirely on the development of the site. Here you can read some tips when choosing a web design company. You are looking not just for a website, but the development of a company – business site our company also offers this service.

How long does it take to build a site?

Anticipating site development time is not about over-stretching. Depending on the complexity of the site, the workmanship takes an average of one to three months. At this time, all details on the website are not included. Although we have a practice of luting the details, we do not last more than 3 months. It is very important that the customer’s assistance with the necessary materials is provided. With full cooperation from both sides, you will have your own website in a matter of days. If you are in a hurry and need an express order, ask us further.

Free site support for our customers

Our customers can rely on us at any time. Support for our websites is included in the monthly fee of the respective package. Support is done by e-mail and our customer service system. We’re in charge within 24.00. The support includes periodic updates of the website at the discretion of the developer, as well as troubleshooting problems. We are ready to meet your individual site supportneeds under certain conditions, even if we have not designed your site.

Where does the crafted site be housed?

With over 10 years of experience in creating sites, we have found that the best practice when choosing hosting is a private VPS server. This is an expensive decision, but it comes in the monthly fee. It’s good practice because: 1. Guarantees lightning-fast loading of the site; 2. Without additional charges guarantees unlimited cpu time and traffic to the site; 3. It guarantees peace of mind for us and our customers, and that there are no third parties to change the code of the site, and then fix their buckies. Find out more about the hosting we offer exclusively and only for our websites! You can move your website to another server at any time when paying the entire remaining amount, interrupting support and SEO optimization because we can no longer be responsible for changes to the code from third parties.

How in web design can you expect?

The development of web design is an individual task and depends on the taste of the client. If you have a clear vision, present it to us in detail and we will make it a reality. Many of our clients rely on the way we see their website and fully trust our assessment of web design. Forget outdated unattractive techniques, we offer a design with a vision for the future.

Make a request for website development

Ask for anything you are interested in crafting a real-time site in the right corner. We at Get Site are always ready to answer your questions. Use the contact form or even call us. We’il return your call and discuss your project together. Know that you are not obliged to order a project from us. We’re here to help you understand what you’re excited about.

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