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Get Website Ltd. is a small company engaged in a wide range of activities in the creative business field. Part of which are website design and web development. We work with web developers, designers, audio engineers, video operators, consultants, business project managers, marketing experts and other freelance professionals.

Each of us first individually developed our own strengths with many years of experience in our field, both in the European and foreign markets, and later became part of this magnificent team. Winning our trust, first to one another, we easily win the trust of our customers.

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My name is Borislav Jordanov. I am the guy with the blue shirt on the right and the founder of Get Website Ltd. Next to me is the programmer Tony Manoilov. One of the freelance web developers I often work with. We both graduated from the same high school in electronic systems, and both enrolled at Technical University Sofia. Next to us you can see some of the technologies we use every day to build websites and other software. Our company is mainly engaged in the development of web software and this is not the place to list all our capabilities and the place won’t be enough. 🙂 If you are searching for an individual solution, do not hesitate to call us.

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Vladimir Angelov
Vladimir AngelovCTO Sirius Software Read More

I have known Borislav for over 5 years. An ambitious and inspired person with many ideas who mixes art with computer science in a unique way. A true SEO wizard. Always up to date with the latest developments in web technology and the world of optimization. I trust his judgments and recommendations, often drawing ideas and information from him.

Diyana Yoncheva
Diyana Read More

I’ve been working with Get a Website since 2012. We have entrusted them with the design and optimization of our company website and I am extremely pleased for more than 7 years. Bobby Yordanov is a man of great potential and indisputable professional qualities. I have always been well informed of the timely actions that need to be taken in relation to optimization. Results are available. I wish many more success. In fact, this is the company I seriously and responsibly recommend.
Danail Zlatanov
Danail Zlatanov@dzlatanov Read More
We from Zlatanov Ltd. have been using the services of Vzemi Site for two years now. Not only do they work fast, but they are of high quality. They are always open-minded and really evaluate things, even when the client is unsure. We used both website development and SEO services and video capture services. We have never been misled. I like the speed of working and speaking in plain text.

Rosen Vlasev
Rosen VlasevSoftware Engineer @Experian Read More

You want your website to be easily recognizable and fancy? Vzemi Site is exactly what you are looking for!

Hristina Kissiova
Hristina KissiovaNEOLAB LTD Read More

I am impressed by the extremely creative team of the company for which there are no impossible things. More than 3 years ago, we outsourced our site development and maintenance to the exclusive Get a site professionals, and the results exceeded our expectations many times over.

Anka Bimbalova
Anka Read More

Мая Димитрова
Мая Димитрова Read More

Petya Balkanski
Petya BalkanskiTalents Search UK Read More
I want to thank you for both sites and for having the patience to dig into them in detail. You understand from work and work at a high level. Your handwriting is evident, boys! You’ve done a great job. Rumen also said he was very pleased with the site and liked it a lot. Keep going forward, I wish you success!
Six Colors Sàrl
Six Colors Sàrl@sixcolors Read More


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